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Vichyssoise is a simple and chilled leek and potato soup, which pureeds. It is pronounced as “Vee shee swaz”, or “Veesh eee swaz”. Most of the Americans tend to pronounce the soup as "vee shee swah" where as the original pronunciation is "vee shee swahzz".

History of Vichyssoise Recipe

The food historians debate about its origin. Some say that it is of French origin, whereas others argue that it has American origins. Both countries have raised their claims for the dish from time to time. It is normally believed that Louis Diat at Ritz Carlton hotel in New York was the first one to create this dish. Diat was inspired by his childhood memories when his mother and grandmother used to prepare the normal leek and potato soup and his brother used to cool his soup by pouring a cup of milk. Diat created the dish for his patrons at Ritz in 1917. Diat was French and he belonged to the Montmarault, which was near to the town of Vichy in France. Diat named this soup “Creme Vichyssoise Glacee” after the town of Vichy where he was born. It was later renamed as “Cream Vichyssoise Glacee” during the World War II. Some culinary historians believe that vichyssoise was prepared by French chef Jules Gouffe in 1859. Vichyssoise is believed to be a sort of sophisticated peasant food; still it enjoys the status of high class fineese.

Vichyssoise – Commonly Suggested Ingredients

This soup prepared using cream, leeks, potatoes, chicken stock, onions, etc. The potatoes and leek are added to chicken stock and garnished with herbs. For gorgeous yellow tone the potatoes and leeks are fried golden brown and added to the boiling chicken stock and served after garnishing with chives and barley and served with a scoop of cream or butter.

Vichyssoise Recipes – Popular Varieties

• Simple Vichyssoise: It is prepared using leek, potato and lots of herbs.

• Zucchini Vichyssoise: It is prepared using potatoes, leeks and zucchinis.

Vichyssoise- Serving and Eating Suggestions

It is served either served as hot and chunky, smooth, silky and ice-cold.

Vichyssoise- Health and Nutrition Facts

Vichyssoise soup is rich in dietary fibers, Vitamin C, Proteins, and Calcium. Vichyssoise also has high content of sodium, fats and cholesterol. It is suggested that people who are nursing weight loss goals should avoid it to maximum.

Vichyssoise - Miscellaneous Facts

• Every year National vichyssoise day is celebrated on November 8.

• The soup can be enjoyed even during the hottest weather.

• The vichyssoise soup and apple pie was the only dish that featured in the Lord and Taylors Departmental Store Soup Bar.