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Roasted Vegetable

Roasted Vegetables are vegetables roasted directly over fire or cooked in an oven. Generally baked vegetable casseroles constitute roasted vegetables. With the use of less oil, they are a healthier alternative to fried, sautéed and stir-fried vegetables. Roasted vegetables tend to acquire a pleasant flavoring, the natural juices and nutrients remain intact within the food and the rich brown color of the cooked vegetables tends to be pretty appealing.

Preparing Roasted Vegetables

For preparing a roasted vegetables dish, usually a medley of vegetables is arranged in a casserole dish, a little butter/ oil is applied on them with spicy and herbed seasonings. Cheese garnishing might work as a taste enhancer for some roasted vegetable recipes.

In Indian cuisine, vegetables such as eggplant, which are convenient for roasting directly over fire, are traditionally roasted directly over charcoal fire. In modern cooking, gas stove flames have replaced charcoal fires. The vegetable is softened from within and is used for making extremely flavorful accompaniment dishes.

Roasted Vegetables Recipes

Roasted vegetables with couscous, roasted vegetables and pasta, and roasted vegetable salad are some of the popular roasted vegetable recipes of the world.