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Red Potato

Red Potato

Red Potato, also referred to as Washington Potato is a variety of vegetable belonging to the Solanum tuberosum species of potatoes. Unlike the popular yellow potatoes, this variety has bright-red smooth skin. Cultivated all year round, mostly in certain regions of the US, the harvest season of red potato is often from August through January.

Culinary Usage of Red Potatoes:

Any recipes that are made using the normal and the much popular yellow skinned potatoes can also be prepared using red potatoes. They may be prepared using any of the following cooking methods – grilling, roasting, baking, frying and so on.

Some of the popular red potato recipes are often salads, soups, spiced potato bakes etc.

Red Potato Buying Instructions:

Healthy red potatoes are often firm with smooth skin and with a few shallow eyes. When ripe these potatoes have bright red coloring. Green tinted red potatoes are often raw and has to be avoided while buying, so is soft red potatoes that has wrinkle, marks or deep dry cuts on it.

Nutritional Facts:

Unlike yellow potatoes, red varieties are fat and cholesterol free. Red potatoes are also high in dietary fibers, vitamin C and have low sodium content making it a healthy vegetable.