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Potato Cake

Potato cakes are small, usually round shaped patties or discs that are either baked, fried or steamed. Potato cakes around the world have different methods of preparation and styles of cooking; they also differ in their shape, size and texture. Potato Cakes around the World America – American potato cakes are similar to hash browns, they are made into patties and eaten. India – Indian Potato cakes are made from mashed potatoes and shallow fried, they are eaten as chaat (snack) with different varieties of tangy and spicy sauces. Another variety of potato cakes is referred to as cutlet which has minced vegetables added to it and is deep fried. England – English potato cakes are known as potato scallops and are thick batter fried slices of potato. Ireland – Irish potato cakes are similar to the Indian variety, with the only difference of the addition of baking soda to the mixture. Another Irish variety known as boxty, is made from a mixture of raw potatoes. Irish potato cakes are eaten for breakfast and are also known as potato bread or spid bread. South Australia – Potato cakes of Southern Australia are a type of dessert made from mashed potatoes. Other parts of the country have potato cakes, similar to the English variety, often served with fish and chips.