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Pea Cake

Peas cake is a sweet or savory cake that is prepared by mixing green peas puree into a cake batter to create a green tinted cake.

Peas Cake Recipe: Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation Overview

A peas cake is prepared by mixing the pea puree or pea flour into a cake batter. However, some cooks do mix in black eyed pea puree or green pea puree to create a cake that tastes almost the same. Other pea varieties that can be used include sugar snap peas, green beans and even lima beans. Wheat flour, barley, soya, millet etc may be added to the peas along with eggs to create the cake. Sweet and savory versions of the cake are common.

Serving and Eating Peas Cakes

Pea’s cake is served as a dessert when it is made sweet garnished with sour cream but savory versions are also prepared. Savory versions are baked with olive oil, vegetables and wheat flour and served as snacks. Savory cakes are then sliced and served hot or cold with by cream cheese and or sour cream.

Popular Peas Cake Recipe Variations

Sweet versions are prepared the same way as ordinary cakes but savory versions are prepared like vegetable cakes. For example, a sweet peas cake can be prepared by mixing green pea puree with wheat flour, eggs, sugar and baking powder. A savory version can be prepared with olive oil, parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds, eggs, garlic, herbs, spices, lemon and cream. The savory version is more common in Mediterranean states like Italy, Sicily etc but sweet versions are commonly prepared by vegans. A Chinese version is also made with white pea flour where the pea flour is cooked with water and sugar to form a thick cake. This is then fried in sugar to form a soft delicate cake called Wan Dou Huang. This is eaten during the spring season as a popular snack.

Peas Cakes: Trivia

Peas cake with flour is a trademark of the Fangshan Restaurant, Beihai Park, China. This restaurant creates two varieties of flour based peas cake that are very popular with locals and tourists.