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Baked Potato

The absolutely easy-to-make baked potatoes are often served as a side dish for a mid-day meal or even a home-cooked dinner. The most important aspect in a baked potato recipe is choosing the right quality potatoes; else it might turn out to be worse.

Method Used In Making Baked Potatoes:

The baked potatoes recipe follows the most conventional way of baking, i.e. using an oven, but off late people have started using their microwaves for faster cooking. There's no need to peel off the potatoes, infact the unpeeled potatoes make the popular jacket potatoes recipe. There is hardly any difference in the cooking style of baked potatoes and jacket potatoes. Incase the potatoes aren't peeled off; one has to be cautious in checking if the potatoes are cooked well or not. In order to do so, pricking the fork slowly inside the baked potatoes gives the indication if the potatoes are fully baked or not.

Baked Potatoes Topping:

Once the potatoes are baked, cutting them in halves and putting spoonful of butter in between completes the baked potatoes recipe. Besides the melted butter, some sour cream or layers of whipped cream can be poured over the baked potatoes, finally with some chopped cilantro.