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Vegetable Party Bouquet

  Radishes 1 Bunch (100 gm), trimmed
  Carrots 5 Medium
  Yellow bell pepper 1 , cored
  Orange bell pepper 1 , cored
  Green onions 2 Bunch (200 gm)
  Broccoli florets 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Cauliflower florets 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Cucumber 1 , sliced into rounds
  Cherry tomatoes 1 Pint
  Celery ribs 5 (Include Leafy Tops Too)
  Endive head 1 Small
  Chicory 1 Bunch (100 gm)
  Asparagus spears 1 Bunch (100 gm), blanched
  Cabbage head 1⁄2 Large

Slice each radish halfway down on four sides to form petals.
Cut the carrots into 1-inch pieces and slice each piece halfway down on 4 sides to form petals.
Cut the bell peppers into vertical leaf-shaped slices.
Cut off the bulb ends of the green onion stalks, including 2 to 3 inches of green.
Reserve the remaining green stalks.
Make close vertical slits in the short green part of each bulb end, from cut end down to an inch from the base.
Place in ice water to frill.
Trim bamboo skewers to various lengths.
Place leftover green onion stalks like sheaths over some of the skewers.
Insert the tops of sheathed skewers into the bottoms of all florets, pepper and cucumber slices, radish and carrot flowers, tomatoes, frilled green onions, celery ribs and endive and chicory leaves.
Insert unsheathed skewers into asparagus spears.
Place 1 cabbage half on a plate cut side down to form a pleasing rounded bouquet.
Insert ends of skewers into cabbage, balancing shapes and colors of vegetables.
Place vegetables on shorter toothpicks along outer rim of cabbage.
Serve on a platter accompanied by a bowl of vegetable dip

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Side Dish

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Vegetable Party Bouquet Recipe