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Vegetable Shu Mai

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  Dipping sauce  
  Reduced sodium soy sauce 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Scallion 1 Small, chopped
  Honey 1 Tablespoon
  Fresh lemon juice 2 Teaspoon
  Grated peeled ginger 1 Teaspoon
Shu mai
  Asian dark sesame oil 2 Teaspoon
  Grated peeled ginger 1 Tablespoon (Fresh One)
  Shredded napa cabbage 2 1⁄2 Cup (40 tbs)
  Onion 1 Small, chopped
  Shiitake mushrooms 1⁄4 Pound, stems removed and caps chopped (Fresh Ones)
  Carrot 1 , shredded
  Hoisin sauce 2 Tablespoon
  Wonton skins 24 (3 Inch Size)

1 To make the dipping sauce, combine the all the ingredients and set aside.
2 To make the shu mai, heat the sesame oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the ginger and cook, stirring constantly, just until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add the cabbage, onion, and mushrooms; cook, stirring frequently, until softened, 4-5 minutes. Add the carrot and cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are cooked through, 3-4 minutes. Add the hoisin sauce and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Remove the skillet from the heat and cool 10 minutes.
3 Arrange 6 of the wonton skins on a work surface. Place 1 1/2 teaspoons of the filling in the center of each skin. One at a time, pleat the edge of the skin up and around the filling, pressing to seal. Repeat with the remaining wonton skins and filling to make 24 shu mai.
4 Spray a steamer basket with nonstick spray and arrange 12 of the shu mai in the basket. Set the basket in a saucepan over 1 inch of boiling water. Cover tightly and steam the shu mai until cooked through, 5-6 minutes. Transfer the shu mai to a serving tray and keep warm. Repeat with the remaining 12 shu mai.

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Vegetable Shu Mai Recipe