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Verdeca is a green grape variety that is abundantly cultivated in Apulia, Italy. The wine tends to go from being a slight yellow to green with a pleasant characteristics aroma and the taste going from being dry and at times sweet that is fresh, delicate yet lively, all packaged into a well balanced tasty varietal. This grape varietal with a little tart taste is used not only in the production of Vermouth, but also a blending component in Campanies Vesuvia DOC and certain appellations of Puglia. It is also the main grape varietal of Martina Franca DOC and Locorotondo. The pleasant aromas of white flowers honey and green apples make these wines a refreshing change with natural freshness.

History of the Wine

Verdeca is believed to have originated in Greece, though it is abundantly grown in Italy. This particular sparkling wine is considered the rival to many French wines. In fact, there is a manuscript in the Fondazione Pomarici Santomasi museum, dating back to 1871 that talk abundantly about the wonderful sparkling wine with greenish highlights and that is how the name of the wine originated (as green means “Verde” in Italian). This wine was called Verdeca do Gravina and it was produced by bottling wines from Greco, Malvasia e Bianco do Alessano and storing them in cellars that were hewn with rocks. This not only helped in keeping the temperatures low, but also helped in preserving the residual sugar, thus helping it re-ferment, giving this wine a little frizz, making the wine very appealing with bubbles and a little creaminess.

Regions Producing Verdeca Wine

This varietal is abundantly grown in Italy, especially in Puglia, despite its origin in Greece.

Preparation of the Wine

Verdeca is prepared by first de-stemming the grapes, which are then crushed and left to ferment (with the skins) for about 24 hours. The ideal temperature for fermenting the grapes is around 12-14 degrees C and the containers used for this purpose are stainless steel. Thereafter, maturation is also carried out in stainless steel tanks and then wine is bottled.

Food Pairing with the White Wine

This is a white wine (bordering on a light green color) that is ideally paired with light foods such as salads, fish (in light sauces), chicken and other lighter foods. It also goes well with appetizers. Other seafood dishes and crustaceans too go very well with this wine

Serving of Verdeca Wine

Verdeca is generally served chilled with a meal.