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Pinot Blanc

Pinot blanc is a very popular white wine which is considered to be a point genetic mutation of the famous Pinot noir. In places like Hungary, Germany, Alsace and Italy, it is produced as dry white full bodied wine, while in Austria and Germany it is sweet or dry. Pinot blanc wine offers aromatic fruity flavors with balanced floral characteristics. It has a light musky aroma with fine tastes of pear, melon, apples and spices. These wines are highly acidic and are normally available for immediate consumption. The acidic nature of the wine also makes it suitable to act as a blending agent of sparkling wine. This wine is not meant to be cellared.

Origin of the Pinot Blanc and Related Information
Pinot blanc is known to have originated in Alsace region of France. It was originally used in Champagne and Burgundy. Even today, it is used in blending champagne and burgundy wines. This is a comparatively new wine whose production is still to get momentum.

Regions Producing Pinot Blanc or Growing Grapes of Pinot Blanc Variety
Pinot Blanc is grown in different places of the world – prime regions include:
• Germany – Nearly 3491 acres are dedicated to the growth of this wine.
• United States – California is the main region where these are grown of slightly different variety. These resemble Chardonnay vine.
• Austria, Hungary, Burgandy – Pinot blanc wine is manufactured in the few wineries located at these places.
• Uruguay and Argentina – A few hectares of Pinot blanc grapes are planted here to encourage manufacture of the exotic wine.

Preparation of Pinot Blanc
Pinot blanc winemakers make use similar techniques which are applied in case of Chardonnay. It involves barrel fermentation, lees stirring and full malolactic techniques for the preparation of this wine.

Food Pairing for Pinot blanc
Pinot blanc is best enjoyed with light and medium sauces, cheese (preferably mild flavored), seafood and light flavored meat dishes. Pinot blanc wine pairs well with vegetables, potato salad, poultry, soups, crab cakes, poultry with garlic seasoning, hummus and chicken tandoori among other foods.

Ageing/Serving Pinot blanc
Pinot blanc is consumed young, though it can withstand barreling for a few days. Ageing Pinot blanc wine reduces its fruit flavors, hence ageing is not encouraged. However, higher quality wine can be aged to gets its honey flavor. It tastes best when served at 50º-55º F.

Pinot Blanc: Trivia
Pinot blanc maturation process does not use oak which is common with other wines.