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Furmint is a light white wine which has aromatic notes of lime, smoke and pears. The dessert style Furmint wine offers notes of barley sugar, apricots, blood orange and marzipan. Smoky notes of cinnamon, tea, chocolate and tobacco are also common. This wine is predominantly produced in Hungary, where it was probably cultivated for the first time.

Origin of the Furmint and Related Information
Furmint was probably introduced during the medieval periods in the Austro-Hungarian area. This wine spread to other parts of Hungary after the 13th century during the times of King Bela IV.

Regions Producing Furmint or growing grapes of Furmint variety
Furmint is primarily produced in the following regions:
• Hungary – It is cultivated in the Tokaj Hegyalja region.
• Crimea – Several vineyards are found in this region where suitable climate and good soil, helps in grapes cultivation.
• South Africa – A number of small plantations of grapes exists in quite a few regions of South Africa.
• Austria – Vineyards are located at Burgenland.

Preparation of Furmint
Furmint undergoes modern techniques of fermentation with different varieties of yeast.

Food Pairing for Furmint wine
Furmint pairs excellently with Foe grass and fruit cobbler. Hot and spicy pork, beef, and turkey dishes also pair well with Furmint wine.

Ageing/Serving Furmint
Furmint wine has extraordinary ageing potential and can age for 100 years. Its highly acidic nature helps in its ageing process making it popularly known as ‘immortal wine’.

Furmint: Trivia
Furmint is produced in several styles which include extremely sweet wines to dry wines.