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Fernao Pires

Fernao Pires, also popular as Maria Gomes, Cammarate, Fernamm Pires, Fernan Piriz; is a Portugese grape used for the production of the white varietal wine Fernao Pires wine, an impressively aromatic wine flavored from light spicy to floral with a base aroma of yellow fruit. An interesting sparkler, when flavored in citrus and melon tones the wine feels dry in the mouth with some amount of minerality. A wine with a typical flavor of tropical fruits like the mango, it is an easy- to drink wine with a full mouthfeel. Citronella lemon, honey and pepper are some of the typical aromas of this wine. With a strong resemblance to Chenin Blanc in acidity, the Fernao Pires with high alcohol content, may have a characteristic smell of pepper.
A versatile wine, the Fernao Pires is used in the production of wines of a number of varieties namely, sparkling, crispy dry, and botrytised styles. A reasonably priced wine the Fernao Pires is a substitute to many expensive wines.

Origin of Fernao Pires Wine
Fernao Pires originated in Portugal and is widely grown there though it is also cultivated in South Africa. Ribatejo and Barraida, the regions of Portugal, are mostly responsible for the production of this wine. Van Luveren of Robertson pioneered the bottling of this wine in the year 1982. Though the original wines made from this grape were dry and acidic, the more modern versions are made with enhanced appeal in the form of more agreeably tasting sweeter versions.

Regions Producing Fernao Pires
Fernao Pires is cultivated mainly in Portugal, its country of origin and in South Africa.

• Portugal- Grown in the largest scale at Ribatejo, the Barriada variant, better known as Maria Gomes, is used for the production of sparkling wines.
• South Africa –The hot and dry climate of the region is found suitable for the cultivation of the Fernao Pires.

Ferna Pires Wine- Food Pairing
Wines made from Fernao Pires, being fine wines, are best paired with light and delicate foods like a peppered salad.

Fernao Pires Wine –Aging
Fernao Pires is one of the best fresh wines and its fruity and spicy flavors are best enjoyed when the wine is still young. It can be aged for about a year or a year and a half, or a maximum of a couple of years and not more than that.

Fernao Pires Wine- Serving Suggestions
Fernao Pires is ideally regarded a wine to be consumed during the summer months. It is best served chilled at a temperature of 8- 14 C.