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Chasselas, a white wine from Switzerland, is a full, dry wine with low alcohol and acidity content. It is produced from a white grape variety called Chasselas or Chasselas Blanc, which are widely grown in Switzerland and in many other countries of the world, like Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, New Zealand, etc. The grapes are known by different names in different countries, and are used as a blend for various other wines as well.

Origin of Chasselas
The wine's origin is known to be in Switzerland, which was the native place of the grapes used to produce it, as per Pierre Galet, the famous French ampelographer and author. Some other theories of its origin are also known to exist.

Regions Producing Chasselas Wine or growing grapes of Chasselas variety
Chasselas wine is primarily produced in Switzerland, while it is used for blending with other wines elsewhere. Chasselas is widely grown in the cantons of Switzerland. It is the second most cultivated variety of grapes in Switzerland, where it is cultivated in an area of 9920 acres. In Germany, it is commonly cultivated in the region of Baden, and 1123 hectares are devoted to it. The grape is known by the name of Gutedel in Germany, Moster in Austria, Perlan in Geneva, Switzerland and Dorin in Vaud, Switzerland.

Food Pairing for Chasselas Wine
The wine is considered extremely suitable for pairing with Fondue and Raclette, a Swiss cheese based dish.