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Calitor -also known as Calitor Noir is a red wine grape variety widely cultivated mainly in Southern France. This is a light colored elegant wine with low acidity levels and low tannins with slight spicy notes. This wine is known for its use as blend in some local wines, adding freshness and aromatic flavor to the wine.

Origin of Calitor Noir grape
The history of this wine dates back to the 14th century when these grapes were produced for the first time in the southern France region. However, the cultivation of these black grapes did not spread as expected in the next few years, which has caused it to slowly fade away. The cultivation of this varietal did not spread to other parts of the region as in case of other varietals.

Regions Producing Calitor wine grapes
Calitor grapes are mainly cultivated in the Southern Rhone and Bandol province of Southern France.

Preparation of Calitor Noir
Calitor is prepared by blending different varietals, fermenting the wine and ageing it in large oak barrels for as long as 5 years, to get the freshness and aroma of the wine.

Food Pairing for Calitor wine
The wine is paired with sumptuous grilled lamb topped with rosemary and red bandol. Fresh garlic minced and added on fresh lamb adds to the flavor of the dish.

Ageing Calitor wine
The wine can age up to 5 years in oak barrels.

Calitor wines: Trivia
Calitor is a fast fading varietal due to its poor cultivation and decreasing demand of the wine in domestic and international market.