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Bastardo, also known as Trousseau Noir, Trousseau, is special kind of grape variety that is used for making red wine. Known by other synonyms such as Bastardinha, Bastardinho, Do Castello, Dos Frados to name a few, this variety is quite popular in the western part of Europe and generally produces wine that is deep cherry red in color, the kind that is used for the Port wines of Portugal. The wine has a flavor that is similar to that of red berry fruits and is high in alcohol content.

Origin of Bastardo Wine

The wine has a history that is as mixed as its wine. This varietal is believed to be used for crosig of so many other varietals to produce some wonderful and rich wines. One wine known as the ‘Royalty variety’ is a result of Trousseau being used for pollinating the ‘rupestris’ hybrid Alicante Ganzin and another popular cross is this popular grape varietal being crossed with Saperavi, a Georgian variety to produce the ‘Magarachskii’ of this varietal. The well known Genouillet is also a result of a cross between Gouais Blanc (Heunisch) and Bastardo. Today, this grape varietal is grown in small quantities in France, Australia, and USA and mostly in Portugal.

Preparation of the Wine

The wine requires hot and dry conditions to grow and this varietal usually grows in bunches, which is why it gets the name Trousseau. This particular varietal is used in combination with other varietals to provide flavor, color and even the required potency.

Food Pairing for the Wine

The wine is best served with red meats and other rich food.

Wine Trivia

As this varietal is also referred to as Trousseau, many a times Bastardo is confused with the varietal Tressot, which of course is not the same.