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Agiorgitiko is a red wine produced from a famous heat resistant Greek grape. It is known for its high fruity flavors and low acidity levels. It has a very fruity taste too with dominant flavors of cherry, berry, chocolate and also plum. Agiorgitiko wine which is deep red in color has very spicy flavors with plum notes. It is one of the most flavored wines, which explains its high price in the international wine market. This wine can get a very tannic to soft taste depending on its making process. It is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to prepare traditional table wine, prepared in a long ageing process. Agiorgitiko wines from the top wine makers are known to have an ecological structure of the yeast, which takes an overpowering role.

Origin of the Agiorgitiko and Related Information
Agiorgitiko grapes are known to have originated 100 years back, but modern wine production with these grapes developed just a decade back. Primitive methods of Agiorgitiko wine production are still practiced in many Greek homes, where wine is produced from these grapes in a very small scale.

Regions Producing Agiorgitiko or growing grapes of Agiorgitiko variety
Agiorgitiko is grown in Greece – The Nemea region of Greece is the only place in the world, where these grapes are grown. The hot and dry climate of this region makes the grapes very heat resistant, which is not common with other grape varieties. Agiorgitiko grapes are planted in some of the most infertile plots which encourage vines with few berries.

Preparation of Agiorgitiko
Agiorgitiko is crushed and fermented using modern wine making process. Its normal preparing time is 1-2 years.

Food Pairing for Agiorgitiko
Agiorgitiko wine tastes wonderful with a variety of red meat dishes which have an intense and spicy taste. Agiorgitiko wine is recommended with spicy pork, beef, lamb and turkey served with barbecue or hot salsa. Fried spicy chips with salsa dips are also recommended.

Ageing/Serving Agiorgitiko
Agiorgitiko is served as a table wine and blended with Cabernet Sauvignon before serving it. It is generally aged in French oak barrels for almost 8 months and is recommended for further bottle aging of 5 months. Agiorgitiko wine needs to be drunk within 5-6 years of its release, so that its taste can be enjoyed the most. It evolves well if kept in ideal cellar conditions in getting a very complex and velvety taste.