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Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey is the main cuisine in Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. Firstly, when Roasted Goose was the most popular dish at the Harvest time in England, Roasted turkey was not in the Thanksgiving menu. But in modern time parties Roasted Turkey recipes become the centerpiece of tables.

Origin of Roasted turkey

In 16th century when pilgrims moved to America from England they found Turkey as the easily available bird as compared to Geese. From that time Roasted Turkey gained importance as the most favorite bird recipe.

Roasted Turkey recipes

Basically, Roasted Turkey is prepared in oven. Turkey tastes best when roasted at correct temperature as this process maintains its tenderness and juices. Excess of roasting spoil the taste. Turkey can also be prepared with a good stuffing that mainly include sausages, ham, beef etc. Its always good to refrigerate turkey for atleast 8 hours before cooking. Proper cleaning of all the cavities of the bird is also very necessary. Some popular Roasted Turkey recipes are Roasted Butter Herb Turkey, Pot Roasted Turkey, Honey Roasted Turkey and Hot Spicy Roasted Turkey.