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Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt is a type of melt sandwich that is made using two slices of bread with tuna filling and served as a wholesome meal. Tuna Melt may also be alternatively referred to as Tuna Fish Sandwich.

Preparing Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt recipes most often uses canned Tuna fish as its main filling. Tuna meat is mixed with mayonnaise, a layer of cheese and sometime vegetables, especially sliced tomatoes and then used as the spread. The use of mayonnaise can well be substituted for olive oil for the weight watchers. The sandwich thus made is grilled or fried until the filling attains a melting consistency, as the name suggests. Tuna Melt is often served with English muffin.

Popular Variations of Tuna Sandwich

Of the many variations of Tuna Sandwich is tuna boat that is often served in a hot dog bun rather than bread.

Health Benefits

Tuna meat is high in nutrients and for that reason, Tuna Melt and other tuna sandwiches varieties are often considered as high protein food.