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Zurich food is the reflection of Swiss food including huge varieties of cheeses, chocolates and breads. Though all kinds of non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods are available in the city, for the people having a sweet tooth, the city offers an array of confectioneries and sweets. The freshly baked breads in the markets of Zurich are the main attraction for the local people as well as the tourists.

Food Items Commonly Found Included by Zurich Cuisine

Zurich is one of the largest cities of Switzerland and a tourist destination. The food in Zurich is characterized by some of the quintessential dishes such as rosti (grated potato pancake), Zurigschnatzlets (veal dish prepared in wine sauce including cream) and Spatzle (noodle dumplings prepared in small size).

Among the meats, veal is the most important Zurich food, but other meats such as turkey and chicken are also gaining popularity within the local cuisine of the city.

Grilled sausages, freshly baked breads and sandwiches can be found on the street stands in Zurich. Best breads can be purchased in the morning from the local bakeries of Zurich. Zopf , asoft bread of the cuisine of Zurich is most commonly served on Sundays .

Cheeses and other dairy products such as butter are abundantly available in the Zurich markets and are widely used in making some of the best dishes.

Huge varieties of chocolates, either commercially made chocolate bars or specially crafted truffles, and all kind of sweet things are accessible in the city. Even packaged desserts are seen in the grocery stores of Zurich.

The typical Swiss cake ‘Mandelfisch’ that is shaped like a fish and prepared with an almond flavor is highly consumed in the city and the famous Luxemburgerli pastry also enjoys the same status.

Vegetarian food is also highly appreciated in the city, but vegan dishes are available only at few places as cheese and butter are highly used in almost all dishes.

Places Famous for Food from Zurich Cuisine

Like other cities of Europe, Zurich is also abounded with various cafes, budget restaurants and starred hotels where leisurely moments can be enjoyed while savoring the local Zurich food.

  • Hilti – The first restaurant in Europe that serves only vegetarian/vegan food. Almost all Swiss specialties are available in vegetarian form in Zurich restaurant.
  • Gambrinus – Located at Langstrasse, this Swiss restaurant is famous for serving good food with chilled beer. Town’s best Fondue and rosti are served here.
  • Vorderer Sternen Grill – One of the best sausage stands of Zurich near the building of UBS bank at Bellevue. Delectable red and white sausages that constitute quiet popular Zurich food are served here with mustard sauce and a piece of bread.