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Vancouver food is a mixture of culture and traditions which reflect the multi ethnic population of the city. The many eateries in and around the city boast of a diverse cultural background with food items from across the world being included in their menus. The people of Vancouver also like to dine out frequently which has resulted in a multitude of restaurants across the city. It is possible to eat the steamy stir fry noodles in a small 10 seated joint along and enjoy the gourmet food of the city in a plush roof top revolving restaurant.

Food of Greek, Italian, French and European cuisines abound in the region along with the thriving Chinese establishments. The many Indian restaurants located chiefly in the Punjabi Market also cater to the local Indian population with their array of richly spiced curry dishes. Fusion food containing a curious blend of food from many regions is also one of the main attractions of Vancouver.

Seafood especially the salmon and halibut, freshly hauled from the Pacific Ocean form the mainstay while the superior quality beef from Alberta are used for creating many of the local dishes. Wine and cheeses also form an important part of Vancouver food.

The Mid Eastern falafel is extremely popular in Vancouver as are the pizza slices regarded as street food of the city. Sushi is widely available in the city as well.

History of Vancouver Cuisine

The early settlers of Vancouver were the Europeans who brought their food habits along with them. The waves of immigration in the later years saw a change in the food culture of the region. Notable among them was the Chinese Buffet which originated in the Gastown of the city in 1870.

The Asian immigrants particularly the Indians from Punjab brought their own kind of food with them and have contributed significantly to the number of Indian restaurants in the city.

The hearty Lumberjack's Breakfast was also invented in Vancouver by a hotelier around the same time.

Popular Food Items Of Vancouver Cuisine

  • Cedar Plank Salmon- Fillets of salmon cooked on a cedar plank with basil and dill.
  • Panko and Coconut Spot Prawns- Sweet spot prawns cooked with shredded coconut and the Japanese Panko bread.
  • Lumberjack Breakfast- an enormous breakfast consisting of pancakes and maple syrup along with a dozen eggs and ham served with orange juice and freshly brewed coffee.
  • Lamb Popsicles with Curry- An Indian recipe popularized as Vancouver food, it is made with lamb cuts marinated in mustard and cooked in a cream based, fenugreek flavored gravy.
  • Nanaimo bar- Most popular dessert of British Columbia, it is a kind of cookie which requires no baking.

Places Famous For Food in Vancouver

  • West Restaurant- Has been hailed as one of the best restaurants in the city that serves authentic Vancouver food.
  • Lumière- Known for its unique innovative West coast and traditional European food combination.
  • Vij’s- Famous for its Indian dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Popular Chefs of Vancouver Cuisine

The internationally acclaimed celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten serves Vancouver food at his own restaurant, Market by Jean-Georges.