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Macau food, also known as Macanese cuisine, is basically a unique blend of two well known cuisines better known as southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. The food of Macau also has major influences from Southeast Asian culinary traditions. The ingredients and seasonings used to make authentic Macau dishes include those used commonly in cuisines of Europe, Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Chinese and India. The most common cooking practices include grilling, baking and roasting. Modern cuisine of Macau is widely considered as a fusion cuisine.

Pork chop bun is basically the most popular snack served in Macau. On the other hand, popular desserts include pastéis de nata (also known as egg tarts) and ginger milk.

Commonly Used Ingredients

Traditionally, Macau food is made with a wide range of spices which include common ingredients like coconut milk, turmeric, bacalhau and cinnamon.

Globally Popular Foods

Some of the most popular dishes include Macanese chili shrimps, Galinha à Portuguesa, Minchi, Galinha à Africana (African chicken), Bacalhau, stir-fried curry crab and Pato de cabidela.

Other famous Macau dishes include papaya salad, pig's ear, rabbit stewed in cinnamon, wine and star anise. One of the staple of Macanese cuisine is Tapas.

Popular Restaurants In Macau

Some popular restaurants serving authentic Macau food are -

  • Taipa Island: Located in Cozinha Pinocchio, Taipa Island is one of the most commonly known and popular eating places in the city. Some popular servings of this place includes grilled spare ribs and stir fried curry crabs.
  • Macau City: Situated in Largo do Senado, this restaurant is also known by the local name of the Food Street. Ginger milk shop. Yee Shun is one of the most famous servings of this restaurant. This is also one of the most historical Portuguese restaurants in Macau.
  • Solmar: This is another classic Portuguese restaurant that has been in popular business in the city since past 40 years by serving traditional Macau food.