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Liechtenstein food is the native cuisine of Liechtenstein, a small nation that shares borders with Austria and Switzerland. Local preparations of the area have a very strong influence of both the neighbors and wine culture is predominant in the area. Although the country is too small to have managed to come up with its own local food and cuisine culture, the food habits are largely influenced by the cuisines of Central America and Europe.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Liechtenstein Cuisine

Over the years, Liechtenstein has developed into a major tourist attraction sees visitors from all over the world. This has led to various cultures influencing the local preparations of the nation. The influence of neighboring countries has also helped in developing the local food. Today, Liechtenstein is considered as a country with one of the most diverse cuisines in the world.

Popular Liechtenstein Recipes

  • Kasknopfle: A traditional dish of the country, Kasknopfle is a type of a dumpling made from cheese and topped with onions. It is a popular local preparation and almost all restaurants and eateries serve it.
  • Ribel Grain: Another traditional dish, it is made from semolina and rebel corn. The dish is mostly served with fruits and coffee.
  • Hafalab: This dish is made in the form of loaves and the main ingredients used are corn and wheat flour.
  • Torkarebl: This dish looks like a dumpling but is made from porridge. It is mostly served with berry jam and is one of the most popular local preparations.

In addition to the aforementioned dishes, there are various other specialties which are an important part of local Liechtenstein food.