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Hong Kong Noodles

Hong Kong noodles are a special kind of noodle prepared with eggs and wheat. They are also known as Hong Kong style noodles and are used to make chow mein. The common method for cooking these noodles is boiling them in water and then frying them before adding other ingredients to it. The thin version of the noodles are known as wonton noodles and are immensely popular all over Hong Kong. They are usually added to soup dishes and are available in Asian grocery stores across the United States of America where it is also available in the dried form.

The Hong Kong style noodles are required to be cooked al-dente and the perfectly prepared noodles are completely free of any egg like taste or odor. Shrimps and pork mince are used to prepare wontons which are served with the hot noodle soup. The noodles, when served separately are dry and garnished with dark green, leafy vegetables.

Doll Noodles were a type of instant noodles introduced in Hong Kong in the late 1960’s. The term is now used for all brands of instant noodles sold in Hong Kong.

Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Hong Kong Noodles

The noodles can be cooked in boiled water until they become tender enough to bite into. Some individuals prefer to cook the Hong Kong noodles until they turn completely soft and lose their crispness. They are usually drained and stir-fried with vegetables, seafood and meat before being served with seasonings and toppings added to them.

Tossing the noodles before adding them to vegetables and meat prevents them from sticking together. The thin noodles are preferred as additions to soup although the wanton variety is often served separately along with a bowl of steaming soup and dumplings. The noodles are dipped into the soup before eating them.

Hong Kong Noodles Recipe Varieties

A number of different noodles prepared in diverse ways can be categorized as Hong Kong style noodles. Prominent among them are the following.

  • Wonton Noodles- These noodles are thin and look similar to Angel hair pasta. They are served as part of a soup along with shrimp wontons with the entire dish being topped with an assortment of vegetables and meat.
  • Lo Mein- This is a relatively dry form of noodles served with wontons placed on top and may contain meat or seafood in addition to vegetables. This type of noodle has gained popularity as an American take-out food.
  • Cart Noodle- These are typical noodles that were sold by street vendors in the 50’s. The toppings for the noodles vary considerably with beef balls, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese radishes, shrimps and pig’s intestines being some of the specialties. The dish is now known as retro- noodles and are served in high-end restaurants.
  • Gong Zai Mian- These are instant noodles served with sausages at the Western style eateries.
  • Lai-Fun- A Hong Kong style noodle made from rice flour and tapioca. This serves as a gluten-free variety for individuals unable to digest wheat.


Hong Kong Noodles is the name of a restaurant located on the campus of Minnesota University.