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Florence food refers to cuisine of Florence. The Florentine fare is heavily laid with local produce, grilled meats and mellow cheeses. The Tuscans are fond of beans which has become one of the fixtures of Florentine food culture and beans cooked in olive oil and sage is particularly savored during the meals. Other than that wine-braised game, or roasted meats form an integral part of Florence cuisine. The food connoisseurs agree that food in Florence encapsulates the essence of historical and social transformations and introduces one to the various colors, customs, costs, and flavors. The Florence food is well known for: bread, steaks or beefs, roasted and wine braised meat, and extra-virgin olive oil. A typical Florentine meal encapsulates the details of its flavorsome and indulging past.

History of Florence Cuisine
Florence food culture always impinged on the policy of simple food with high quality taste and health. The Florentines largely used herbs and spices to flavor their food since ancient times. People are fond of tomatoes. It is not clear from where Florentines got the idea of using tomatoes in all their food preparations but until today the vegetable continues to be integral part of their food culture. Other than that Florentines also indulged in various food preparations using wild boar, pork and rabbit. “Lampredotto” and “Tampa” are two of such pork based food preparations which was prepared centuries ago and is still savored with much elan. It is believed that these dishes originated in times when meat was considered as an expensive fare. Every Florentine and Tuscan dish is accompanied with a suitable wine. Pasta based dishes were introduced to Florence by reigning empires. The Florence food culture imbibes values from millennium old traditions introduced by the early settlers. The Florentines never get tired of their traditional tastes and respect their food culture a lot.

Popular Recipes from Florentine Cuisine
As said before Florentine food is all about tradition and exotic flavors. The popular fixtures of Florence food culture is not limited to :

  • Affetati Misti: This is one of the oldest Antipastis from Florence. Today this antispati is commonly served in all Florence restaurants. This cold sliced meat is often teamed with young chianti.
  • Pinzzimonio: This is also one of the oldest appetizers form Florence. The appetizer is normally solved after topping with olive oil, pepper and salt.