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Brittany food belongs to the cuisine of France and is highly influenced by open air and open sea, thus making sardines, mackerel, short bread cookies and pork rillettes the major delicacies. Brittany, located in West France, is no doubt the perfect destination of seafood dishes which can be enjoyed in any season. Brittany is popularly known as France’s “Market Garden”, due to fresh, seasonal and best vegetables grown in the region.

Regional Influence on Brittany Cuisine

Due to over 1000km of area of Brittany being located on the coastline, Brittany food is mostly based on fresh and quality seafood. Though seafood is largely famous in the region, yet Brittany is much known for its desserts and music.

Popular Foods in Brittany Cuisine

The cuisine of Brittany is enriched with lots of seafood dishes and desserts. A few types of Brittany food are given here:

  • Petit Gris is one of the types of snail which is usually consumed whole along with parsley and garlic butter.

  • Galette de blé noir is a famous kind of crêpe, which is prepared from buckwheat. This type of Brittany food is quite popular for its savory flavor.

  • Cupped and flat oysters are also popular in a few regions.

  • Madeleines (small cakes) are well known for their lovely and exquisite citrus smell.

  • Cuckoo is popular in Brittany cuisine, which is known for its eggs and meat.

  • Raw shell fish and seafood, fish soup, raw smoked ham, dishes with "armoricaine" sauce, wheat crêpes, charcuterie, far breton (a kind of flan made of milk and eggs), butter cookies and quatre-quarts cake are a few other popular types of Brittany food.

Regional Specialties in Brittany Cuisine

  • Among seafood, lobster, scallops, skate fish (cooked in brown butter sauce), crab Parmentier, and moules à la marinière (mussels with shallots and white wine) are specialties of Brittany.

  • Kig ha farz, a meat based Brittany food is popular in the region.

  • Cauliflower and artichokes are well liked vegetables in Brittany.

  • Galettes and crêpes based foods like crêpe bretonne, galette saucisse, and galette bretonne are famous types of Brittany food in the area.

  • Desserts like gâteau breton (a kind of cake), far Breton (flan based on milk and eggs, which appears like thick pudding), and Kouign amann (kind of cake) are a few regional specialties among sweet items.

  • The type main types of cheese under regional specialties comprise of Raclette and Emmental.