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Barcelona food is the food consumed in the city of Barcelona, which is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city of Spain. Barcelona food is a combination of traditional as well as modern cuisine dishes, many of which have been influenced by the world famous Catalan chef Ferrán Adrià. Traditional Barcelona recipes are rich in local ingredients and innovativeness. They are simple and light, and employ use of fewer sauces. Influences from neighboring cuisines of France and Valencia are also found in the cuisine of Barcelona.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Food in Barcelona

Ingredients most commonly used in Barcelona food include olive oil, tomato and garlic. Eggplant, artichoke and red pepper are also found in various dishes. The food here is rich in seafood dishes, due to its nearness to the Mediterranean Sea. Fish dishes include anchovy, sardine, cod and tuna. Wheat products like pasta and bread are common, and so are meats like pork, lamb and poultry. Dairy products, especially cheese, are used in various preparations.

Popular Barcelona Cuisine Dishes

  • Sarsuela: It consists of seafood items combined with olive oil, paprika, lemon, tomato, sherry, white wine and spices. Seafood present in the dish may be various kinds of fish, shrimp, prawns, mussels, squid, clams, lobster or crayfish.
  • Pa amb tomàquet: It consists of toasted bread rubbed with garlic and tomato, and sprinkled with olive oil and salt. It is often eaten for breakfast.
  • Crema catalana: It is cold custard with a coat of caramelized sugar. It is eaten as a dessert.
  • Mató de Pedralbes: Also called mató de monja, it is a Catalan cream dish known to have originated in Barcelona.
  • Fideua: It is a dish consisting of meat, shellfish, poultry and vegetables along with noodles.
  • Calçotada: It is a dish made of baby onions, that are cooked over open flame and then braised with romesco sauce. Romesco sauce is a sauce containing tomatoes, garlic, pepper, olive oil and almonds.
  • Escudella: It is a stew containing pieces of peppered sausage along with potatoes, beans, cabbage and other kinds of meats. The recipe shows many variations.
  • Catalan Style Cod: It is a cod dish containing nuts and raisins.

Barcelona Cuisine Trivia

Barcelonafood has been recognized by gourmets across the world, and Barcelona has been awarded nine Michelin stars by the Michelan Guide, and was also picked as the best gastronomical city of the world by MSNBC, an American TV Network, in 2009.