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Green Zebra Tomato

Green Zebra tomato is a dark green, striped bi-color tomato that is tarter than other varieties of tomatoes but with a hint of sweetness. These green tomatoes used in American cooking, especially in the Californian recipes, have characteristic yellow stripes. The nice blend of sweet and tart tastes of this tomato makes it ideal for salads and fried foods. Fried Green Zebra Tomatoes with Poached Egg & Basil and Lemon Chicken, Green Zebra Tomatoes with Black Olives are a few of the popular recipes of this ingredient.

History of Green Zebra Tomatoes

As per records, Tom Wagner, a tomato and potato breeder from Everett, Washington developed the Green Zebra tomato. This tomato was developed by combining four different strains of heirloom tomatoes. Tom was inspired by the Evergreen variety of tomato, because it looked different from others. Though, the original green tomato used to crack easily, Tom worked on developing a variety that did not crack. Thereafter, this tomato was catalogued in the Tater-Mater Seed Catalog from the year 1983 to 1986. Since then, this tomato has been of great interest to tomato cultivators.

Culinary Uses of Green Zebra Tomatoes

Green Zebra tomato is a different looking tomato that adds variety to the dishes in which it is used. Because of its sweet & tart taste, it is ideally used for salads, but is also a delicious addition to fried dishes. These tomatoes taste best when braised and roasted.

Popular Green Zebra Recipe

Lemon Chicken, Green Zebra Tomatoes with Black Olives – This baked dish is light and healthy. Chicken legs are marinated with a marinade made of honey, lemon juice, olive oil and chopped sage leaves. Lemon slices, quartered tomatoes and olives are added to the chicken and baked till almost done. Meanwhile, French beans are blanched in salt water and added to the chicken just a few minutes before it is taken out of the oven.

Nutritive Value of Green Zebra

Green Zebra tomatoes contain vitamin A & C like other tomatoes. The lycopene content is comparatively lesser than in the red varieties; however, chlorogenic acids and P-courmaric are the other two cancer fighting phytochemicals that are present in these green tomatoes.

Buying & Storing Tips

  • Firm skin without any breaks or wrinkles is the sign of good tomatoes.
  • Unripe or ripe tomatoes should not be refrigerated; instead they should be stored in paper bags with holes, away from direct sunlight.
  • Identifying the ripeness of Green Zebra tomato is not visibly possible; however, softness of the fruit is an indication of it being ripe.