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Stuffed Raw Tomatoes

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And now here are some ideas for stuffing raw tomatoes, prepared in advance as we have just seen.
You could have: a stuffing of mixed cooked vegetables, diced very small, and mixed into thick mayonnaise.
Or finely chopped fillets of smoked herring, hard-boiled eggs and mixed herbs.
If you use this stuffing pour some vinaigrette sauce over the tomatoes and let them soak in this for 1 hour before serving.
Or again—fill the tomatoes with a puree of equal parts of mashed shrimps, hard-boiled eggs, and mayonnaise.
Or what about a filling of tunny-fish, either tinned in oil or in brine, shallots, mixed herbs, mustard and a little oil to blend everything? Decorate with the hard-boiled yolks of eggs (lightly crushing through a sieve so that it resembles the little yellow balls of mimosa flowers), the whites of the eggs in rings, capers, or slices of gherkin.

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Stuffed Raw Tomatoes Recipe