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Cheese Toast

Cheese toast is a British bread dish comprising savory crispy crunchy toasted bread topped with cheese is a popular British evening snack which is also consumed as a filling breakfast item. Being an extremely versatile dish, it can be made in different ways. Some of the common cheese toast recipe variations include cheese chilly toast, raw onion and garlic toppings, fried tomato toppings, baked beans with Worcestershire topping, fried eggs topping, and so on.

History of Cheese Toast Sandwich

The origin of cheese toast can be dated back to the period of Great Depression. It is known to be an ancient food and is popular in UK and US. The combination of white sliced bread and cheese was eaten as a sandwich. However, the cheese toast recipe has evolved over the years and it is now eaten as an open toast sandwich with cheese, butter and toppings. The modern version of it is eaten as grilled cheese sandwich. It is filled with vegetables or meat and toasted in a griller.

Cheese Toast Recipe -Ingredients and Preparation Overview

Simple and easy to make, this snack item requires white bread or whole wheat brown bread (slice), cheddar cheese, pasteurized butter, spices, vegetables or meat/eggs for topping and Worcestershire sauce. Cheddar cheese may be substituted with mozzarella cheese, Munster cheese or provolone cheese depending on taste. A simple recipe would just require toasting the bread slice in a toaster with a generous helping of cheese and butter. The bread should be toasted until it is crispy and the cheese melts completely. It can be topped with fried tomatoes, eggs, onion and garlic or capsicum.

Serving Cheese Toasts

This dish should be served hot and crispy. It tastes best when the cheese is in its molten form. Oregano seasoning offers to enhance the taste. Alternatively, some black pepper and minced coriander leaves add taste and improve the appearance.

Nutritional Value of Cheese Toasts

This item is high on calories and fat. However, it is a good source of protein, Vitamin A and C. It is also high in calcium. The toppings used on the toast also influence its nutritional value. Usage of toppings like vegetables and eggs on the cheese toast can make the food item healthy.