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Tom Kha Gai

Tom kha gai is a special spicy chicken soup mainly present in the Thai cuisine as well as the Lao cuisine. This soup is also referred to as chicken galangal soup. Chicken is the main ingredient of this soup which provides the base for it. Coconut milk, galangal and lemon grass are the remaining items used in preparing this starter. This appetizer gets its color, aroma and flavor from the fried chilies. But, the content of chilies should not be overdone as it might over shadow the flavors of the lingering spices. In both the cuisines most of the ingredients are similar, however, one ingredient differs. The Thais use cilantro or coriander in this chicken soup, whereas the Lao starter prefers dill seed, an herb to coriander. There are a number of variations to this traditional dish where chicken is replaced with seafood, tofu or mushrooms. This Tom kha gai dish can be eaten with bread.