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Spicy Thai Soup

Spicy Thai soup is a soup made with vegetables and seafood items. This is a special soup prepared in Thailand. Spicy Thai shrimp soup, spicy Thai vegetable soup are some of the spicy Thai soup recipes that can be made easily and without many hassles. To make a spicy shrimp soup, the ingredients needed are oil, raw shrimps, jalapeno pepper, paprika, red pepper powder, chicken broth, juice of lime and lemon, mushrooms, soy sauce, red bell pepper and coriander. A wok is required for cooking this dish. The shrimps and jalapeno should be fried in oil; later the paprika and bell pepper should be added to the frying seafood. The remaining ingredients should be boiled along with the prawn shells. A little cilantro should be dropped over the soup and served hot. In the vegetable version, vegetable broth replaces the chicken broth and vegetables are used instead of shrimps. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the spicy Thai soup can be enjoyed with noodles or rice.