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How to Peel a Potato Without a Peeler

Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, demonstrates a unique way to peel an Idaho potato...without the use of a potato peeler!
She boils water in a bowl. Then, she scores her large potatoes all the way round with a sharp knife. She plucks them into the boiling water for 15 minutes. After that, she takes one potato out of water with a tong. Then she drops it into the ice water bowl. She moves the potato for around 10 seconds in it. Her potato skin comes out very smoothly and easily without using any potato peeler.

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Dawn Wells Potato Peeling
Dawn Wells, demonstrates a unique way to peel an Idaho potato without the use of a potato peeler! It is very interesting and easy to peel potato without a peeler. Must watch this video!!

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Relly's picture
RE: Dawn Wells with potato demonstration - she advises to boil potatoes for 15 minutues - they do not get "done" in 15 minutes. Large potatoes such as she uses in the demonstration take at least 20-30 minutes of hard boiling to cook. I tried this method and the potatoes were NOT DONE. The skin did come off easily after plunging into the ice water.
Spud Pecker's picture
Dawn never said anything about cooking. This would be a great way to blanch them for cutting into fries. But Dawn, I'll use Washington potatoes, that's what the Professor would do (since Russ lives in Washington State, OK, not the Inland Empire, but Washington none the less.)
How To Peel A Potato Without A Peeler Video, Dawn Wells Potato Peeling