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How To Plant Mini Dwarf Fruit Trees

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The previous house I lived in had a huge vacant lot next to it. The first thing my husband and I wanted to do was to plant trees. The lot was on a corner so we planted different types of maple trees that would provide a wonderful canopy and color in the fall. But my favorite trees that we planted there were the fruit trees. I planted a mini orchard using dwarf apple trees and plum trees which bore fruit every year I was there. It was great placing a bowl of home grown apples in my office for all to share. Because I live in the city, I use dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees. Trees are a very important part of combating climate change. In the city the percentage of tree canopies are very low and have declined in major metropolitan areas since the 1970's. Many cities in America have initiatives underway to increase those canopies by planting trees. Trees add to your property value. Trees clean the air by filtering pollutants which is so important in the city. The best thing that you can do to be part of the solution is plant trees. So what are you waiting for? Watch my videos on my new mini orchard and how to plant fruit trees, even in a small yard, or on a patio. Don't forget to sign up for my Ezine.

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Mini City Orchard
Do you want to know how to plant mini dwarf fruit trees in your vineyard? Watch out the video shot by Patti Moreno, and get maximum benefits.

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How To Plant Mini Dwarf Fruit Trees Video, Mini City Orchard