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How To Grow Italian Kitchen Garden

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Flowers and landscape plants are wonderful, but the thing I like most about gardening is growing stuff that I can eat. In this video series you will see me plant 4x4 raised beds with Italian herbs and heirloom tomatoes and peppers and other Italian veggies. I am using plants that are very far along in their growth, but you can start yours from seed right in the raised beds. If you live in cooler climates you should start your plants early from seed. I'm using soil rich in compost and cocoa shell mulch (my favorite). This is a great way to get started supplementing your family's food with organic home grown food. Please watch the video and then check out my pesto recipe. You too can make fresh Italian food all season long. Interestingly, enough my parsley and oregano planted in the videos provided fresh herbs all winter.

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Italian Kitchen Garden One
Do you want to know how to grow Italian kitchen garden in your house? Watch out the video shot by Patti Moreno, and get maximum benefits.

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How To Grow Italian Kitchen Garden Video, Italian Kitchen Garden One