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About Cooking Temperature Setting

Each heat setting on your stove serves a specific purpose. Some items are meant to be cooked at high heat while some at low. Caitlin discusses the difference between each different type of heat.

The high heat is to be used only to bring water or any liquid quickly to a boil or to reduce it. it is generally mostly used for boiling eggs or pasta.
The medium high heat is used for most of the recipes as it cooks steadily yet effectively. It is used for 70% of most recipes.
Medium heat is used for cooking slowly and gently. One can simmer broth etc on medium heat.
Low heat is mostly used for keeping things warm or cooking even more gently or delicately. It can be used for thawing or melting something as well as keeping something warm for a short time without over cooking or burning it.

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Cooking Temperature Setting Tips
Cooking in the right flame is often the key to cooking the recipe correctly, not under-cooked or over-cooked. It's imperative to understand the differences between the different degrees of flame and in this video, you will learn the basics of cooking your ingredient over the correct flame required. Watch the video and learn how.

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