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How to sauté – tips and tricks to a delicious meal

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Saute as a cooking technique is one that I like. Quick cooking is one advantage , the other being the low oil or fat used in cooking. Healthy choice for even those on a diet. A little oil or fat to coat your sauté pan and you ensure that your food is cooked quick and easy without compromising on health. The food is cooked at a high temperature and thus, cooks fast retaining the color, flavor and taste of the food.

Saute is a favored technique as against deep frying food which uses really sinful amounts of oil. Cooked at a high temperature, sautéing as a technique is good when you want to cook fast and also have the food browned like in case of chicken or other meat dishes. Saute involves cooking with a little oil or even butter over a high heat. This makes it all the more important to know how to sauté perfectly or else you would end up getting the food burned and not cooking it. Let’s begin to sauté:

1- Butter is a good flavor enhancer in the process of cooking. However, using only butter for sautéing a dish would lead to the butter smoking and getting burnt at the very high temperature. To prevent this butter is used along with oil to form the best cooking medium for sauté.

2- The sauté pan is a flat bottomed pan that is not very deep. This allows the food to cook evenly and quickly. The food to be sautéed can be done in batches as you need to spread the food in one single layer that the entire food is evenly cooked.

3- In case of sauté the food is cooked at very high temperatures and thus, the cooking process is quick. It is best to have the food to be cooked all ready well in advance. Considering the technique involved in sautéing, the food cooked using this method is cut into bite size pieces. This ensures quick and even cooking.

4- Saute as a method of cooking can be used for cooking both vegetables and meat. A healthy method of cooking, it ensures that the food cooked using this method is nutritious.

5- You must ensure that you are around while the food is being cooked as it cooks fast and leaving it unattended can end up with your dinner getting burnt.

Turning the food over several times is not advised. You could stir the food once or twice in between with a spoon or then by tossing the food. Tossing the food however is not one that is advised for beginners as you might injure yourself. While tossing the food you need to push the pan forward with a jerk and then pull it back the same way which would result in the food actually getting thrown up and then coming back down to the pan. You can sauté just about anything once you have perfected the art of how to sauté. Enjoy a great meal with sautéed veggies and meat of your choice.

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How To Sauté – Tips And Tricks To A Delicious Meal