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How To Peel Your Egg With A Spoon

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Peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg is certainly not an easy task. You do have to reconcile to the fact that your finger tips would elucidate a ‘eouw’ from you as the hot shell comes in contact with it. You might even have to cool off your fingers after ‘operation egg peeling’ is over. Just think how horrible it is to still be able to detect pieces of broken shell clinging on to your egg after all that pain? Ugh! Why can’t there be an easy way out?


Fret not! You are welcome to try the spoon trick, especially, if you happen to like your hard boiled eggs halved or would like to make a devil out of them.  Check it out!


Would you rather keep your egg intact? No worries there too! Just try out the Justin Chapple way by allowing your spoon to rotate perfectly and voila! You have the smoothest, peeled egg ever!


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How To Peel Your Egg With A Spoon