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How to marinate chicken – a juicy delicious treat awaits you

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Marinating chicken the right way can only mean one thing – a juicy, succulent and delicious treat. Marinade or the flavorful liquid is one that adds flavor and taste deep into the layers of the chicken. Marinades serve different purposes like adding the flavor to tenderizing the chicken. A combination of ingredients that serve definite purposes the marinade must be carefully prepared and the chicken marinated. Generally the marinade is a combination of spices, herbs, oil along with the acidic ingredient which could be vinegar, lime juice or yogurt. I find that each of these has a distinct flavor and taste and adds to the taste of the chicken in its own specific way.


Tips on how to marinate the chicken the best way:

• The time for marination would depend on whether the chicken is cut into large pieces or small boneless pieces. Definitely it is the larger pieces that would need to be marinated for a longer time.


• Make small cuts on the chicken pieces (large slices) to ensure that the marinade leaves its mark deep within the meat.

• If the recipe requires that the chicken be marinated for a few hours, let it soak in the marinate (refrigerate do not leave it out in the marinade). You must then refrigerate it or else you are sure to have a bad case of food poisoning.

• Leaving the chicken in the marinade for too long can actually lead to the fibers of the meat breaking down. Do not over do it, strike the right balance for the best results.

• Take out the chicken from the marinade and cook. You could grill it or cook it in a pan. The remaining marinade can be used for basting. Herbs and fresh ingredients in the marinade can make it flavorful.

Fresh herbs are the best choice however, in case that is not a viable possibility then crush the herbs and add to the marinade so that it would give out its full flavor. Chicken is my favorite meat I must admit and trying out different and varied recipes is what I love doing. Some of the marinades are so flavorful that I love serving them as dips (boiling to thicken them to the right consistency) or even pour over the cooked chicken as a sauce. The liquid with all the flavors adds a great deal to the taste of the chicken dish. Try it and you would know. However, if you add an egg in your marinade then do not use the sauce raw.

What is your favorite marinade recipe for cooking chicken?

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How To Marinate Chicken – A Juicy Delicious Treat Awaits You