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How To Properly Dice and Mince Food

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Chopping and mincing foods is a common household chore, but knowing how to do the process in flawless way, is another etiquette. Learn some chopping and mincing ways through this video.

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Various tips on Chopping and Mincing foods

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Doing things the right way is so very important. Saves so much on time and effort. Thks forsharing such beautiful videos on basic cooking tips.
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Proper chopping and mincing of vegetables do not only help in saving time, but, in a way, i believe, it also helps in presentation as also from the appetizing point of view. I am a person who cares a great deal for presentation and this has been such a helpful video!
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Honestly, i think cutting vegetables properly takes a little effort and time but it saves on the time involved in cooking and the final result is worth it.. even when potatoes are cut unevenly and then allowed to boil , you will see that some pieces are boiled well and others are spoils the whole dish!
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Practice makes perfect! I sit at the kitchen table with good sharp quality knives (Kyocera, Global & Henkles) chopping on either wood or plastic colour coded sheets on top of wood. Then I measure ingredients into misenplas. That way each recipe can be staged on a tray with the instructions for quick and easy non-confusing cooking and garnish. This method is especially helpful in both Indian and Thai cooking. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Yes Shantihh.. you just said it, it does require a great deal of practice to actually get expertise in dicing and mincing... But overall, at least for me, it;s a feel good factor; to see the finley chopped veggeis and meat on the table! :)
How To Properly Dice And Mince Food Video, Various Tips On Chopping And Mincing Foods