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How To Measure Cooking Ingredients

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Video has wonderful lay down on how to measure ingredients before venturing up for your cooking process. Now learn the tips and discover right proportion of ingredients for a great cooking experience.

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How To Measure Cooking Ingredients

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wow! that was a truly educative video on measuring the cooking ingredients. I often tend to add a few ounces extra of the ingredients and end up with a different tasting dish.. however, experiments and experiences have taught me th importance of the right measure.. the most confusing part for me is the teaspoon and tablespoon measures..i often fail to get the correct quantity..
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Yes, everything depends on putting the right measure of ingredients, especially when it comes to baking. Other recipes you can improvise on depending yours and your families taste. Great video.
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I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a good sense of proportion, eye-balling the ingredients works well for me 98% of the time. This video is still pretty helpful for those who prefer measuring
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I am going to Weight Watchers.My mother thinks that when you measure margarine into a measuring tablespoon you don't pack the margarine into the tablespoon. I think you do please tell me who is right
How To Measure Cooking Ingredients Video, How To Measure Cooking Ingredients