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How to Boil A Super Jumbo 3lb Live Maine Lobster

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Just in time for Father's Day gift giving, Lobster Gram is pleased to re-introduce the "Big Daddy" Lobster Dinner for two with Super Jumbo 3lb live Maine Lobsters! Dan "The Lobster Man" of Lobster Gram shows you the difference between one pound Maine Lobsters, and Super Jumbo "Big Daddy" Lobsters!

If you love eating lobsters, then this video will surely interest you. In this video, catch Dan 'The Lobster man', as he boils a 3 pound live Maine lobster for dinner. He even shows you how this lobster looks like, when compared to the regular 1 pound lobsters that you get in the market. And moreover this lobster is just perfect for father's day!

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How To Boil A Super Jumbo 3lb Live Maine Lobster Video