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How to Roast Chestnuts in the Oven

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The melody to roasting chestnuts on an open fire comes to mind every time I make these. They are mellow and sweet and great to be eaten alone, added to many recipes – such as stuffing – or as a dessert. They are relatively easy to roast. However, I do so in the oven and not over a burning flame. Here is a short instructional video on how to do this:

Chestnuts are great whether being used in salad or eaten as it is. Roasting them is very easy process, provided few tips are kept in mind in order to avoid them blasting in the oven. This video is a detailed instruction on how to roast the chestnuts in the oven and peel them there after. Watch this video and you will never head to the market to buy roasted chestnuts ever again. Check it out!

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How To Roast Chestnuts In The Oven Video