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An Eggcellent Method of Separation

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Egg- White & Yolk

Ever tried to separate egg  whites from the yolks? You must have if you are a whiz at cooking especially soft and fluffy desserts. But the entire process of separating the two prominent contents of an egg need to be handled with care. You also need to focus your entire concentration on the broken egg halves as you proceed to pour out the whites, leaving the yolk intact. All this is about to change now and for the better. Read on to find out how to separate the eggs without fearing that you might end up making a mess.


New Method

Separating whites from yolks

While there might be different methods to get the whites and shoo the yolk away, we were particularly impressed by a simple yet innovative method. All you need is an empty plate and a plastic water bottle and hey presto! Your task is as good as done. But yes, it isn’t American brains that were at work here. In fact, it was the Chinese who bettered the technique and came up with a masterpiece. Check out the video below and you will be astounded at how easy it is. No mess, no fuss either!


Do write in and tell us if you found it easier than the age old traditional method.


Image Credit-bearnaise; themedifastplan.  ; tnoranges.blogspot 

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An Eggcellent Method Of Separation