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How to Garnish a Drink to Make it Look Better

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In this free mixology video Clint gives some pointers on rimming a glass creatively. Making a beautiful rim on your cocktail glass could be what sets your next drink apart from the crowd. Besides looking nice this bar tending trick will also add anther dimension to your cocktail by adding aroma and fragrance as well as taste. Make your next margarita or mixed drink stand out from the crowd with some of these ideas.

What is it that sets a drink apart in a room of mixed spirits? - You got it right! It's the personality of the drink! The personality of a drink should be such, that people begin to drink it in visually before even tasting it! And this is exactly what this informative video chooses to teach you - the nuances of garnishing and adding personality to your drinks!!!

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How To Garnish A Drink To Make It Look Better Video