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How to Cut Lettuce

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Tips to Core Lettuce
Lettuce is a green leafy vegetable that can be extensively used in salads. To use the lettuce in your food, you need to core them. It is important to core the vegetable properly so as to maintain its beauty. The video will show you how to core the lettuce properly.

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Hey that ifood,tv t-shirt looks cool. How can I get one? Is that something you got for being a top member for 4-6 month?
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do u love indian food i will givwe u some recipy try it out
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Hey yes i love Indian food. I liked your recipe with beautiful pic. Kindly post them with nice pics and easy to follow step by step instructions. Thank you.
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Suggest using a ceramic nice to cut the lettuce as it prevents browning or discolouring of the lettuce cut edges. You can use a plastic knife but I don't like them-as I find them awkward. Kyocera Ceramic knives are excellent!
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Hey Shantihhh, Are they (ceramic knives) regularly available is stores such as Walmart ?
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That's interesting. I didn't know that's the way to core lettuce. I used to just cut the ends off -- that'll help with waste management and food cost.
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thanks vivs ......very healthy video!but your t-shirt......
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thanks guys...i am not sure but something new in my t-sert.......haaaaaaaaaChef Vibs Group Leader & Star Chef
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The ceramic knives are available at better stores. However, they are now being made so perhaps such as Walmart will have a version in time. I especially love the ceramic peeler. It saves it's cost quickly as there is no waste it glides and just takes a thin peel off. They are fragil knives so if you drop them or chop a bone they will break, but they are so amazingly sharp and give easy clean cuts! I have a chef's knife and a paring knife and I use them several times a day in prepping foods.
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Left out, sorry they are made in Japan, but now there is a version being made in China so perhaps Walmart will carry them in time. I would guess Costco is more likely to carry them as they are top quality. I am NOT a Walmart shopper as I would rather pay more for lasting quality than throw away kitchen items for sure. I do like some things at Target-not Walmart at all sorry. Only things I'd buy at a Walmart would be light bulbs as they have a great selection, and also some garden dept items.
How To Cut Lettuce Video, Tips To Core Lettuce