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Tips To Make Paneer Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

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If you want to make a quick starter for your dinner party, paneer balls are an ideal dish to start with. Paneer is a wonderful high protein cottage cheese that is prepared without rennet. It is completely vegetarian and can be served to lacto-vegetarians due to its excellent nutritional value. The cheese is very easy to flavor and it can be easily molded into sweet or savory balls to make an appetizer or a dessert for your dinner party menu


How to Make Great Paneer Balls


1. Making Paneer

Cottage cheese or paneer is very easy to make. Low fat milk is heated and then curdled with lemon juice or vinegar. The resulting whey is then strained and left to drain for twenty minutes to one hour. The cheese then hardens with time to form a solid block. This cheese has to be made atleast a day in advance to provide consistency and shape to the paneer ball. Fresh paneer is the best as it is moldable and soft. The paneer has to be kneaded with salt till soft and pliant to form balls and this process is long but you can now purchase packaged paneer from supermarkets.


2. Flavoring Ingredients

Any type of flavoring ingredients can be used to make the paneer balls. For example, chefs may use chopped coriander, chilies, ginger garlic paster, amchur powder or raw mango powder, curd, pepper, potatoes, onions, rawa etc to flavor the paneer paste. This paste is then molded to make savory paneer balls. Chefs may add powdered sugar, flour, cardamom powder, rose water etc to the paneer to make sweet paneer balls as a dessert.


3. Cooking

Savory paneer balls may be dipped into a flour and egg batter and then deep fried. Sweet balls are usually simmered in a sugar syrup or sweetened milk to form a dessert.




  • Packaged paneer may be a little difficult to cut and shape into balls. Fresh paneer is always better.


Paneer is a very versatile ingredient and it can easily be seasoned and flavored with a range of ingredients to make savory balls. Sweet balls are also easy to make but they have to have to be simmered in sugar syrup or sweet milk. There are many ways to prepare sweet and savory balls and if you have a particular combination you like, do share it with us here.


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Tips To Make Paneer Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party