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Tips To Wrap Orange In Bacon

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Planning on making a simple appetizer for a dinner party? Orange and bacon wraps should make an ideal accompaniment to any main dish that you have planned. These simple bite-sized parcels are not only filled with flavor and taste but are excruciatingly easy to make as well.


If you are interested in making these simple bites, take a look at our top ideas on how to make luscious bacon orange bites in an instant.




How to Make Great Bacon Orange Wraps


1. Choosing Bacon

We suggest you use low fat, meaty slices of bacon which seem to combine well with the sweet-sour taste of oranges. You can use Canadian bacon, back bacon, or turkey bacon to wrap the orange pieces. Thick cut bacon is ideal for the dish.


2. Choosing the Oranges

Any kind of oranges may be used in this dish. Fresh oranges are available all through the year but the taste and flavor of the fruit will vary considerably. For example, Navel oranges are found from November to May while Valencia oranges are available from February to October. Mandarin oranges can be found from November to April while bitter oranges are available all through the year. Most chefs prefer Mandarin oranges which have a sweet, sour and bitter taste combination. We suggest you pick fruits that have a loose skin with a firm, glossy texture. Avoid all fruits that feel squishy, moldy or damaged. Choose the orange variety you want and then peel and prepare the fruit. You can peel the fruit and use only segments or combine the segments with candied orange peel.


3. Other Ingredients for the Bacon and Orange Wraps

Once you’ve chosen the bacon and the orange, you season them with any variety of dressings and ingredients. Most chefs prefer to use a strong flavored dressing to bring out the flavors. You can use mayonnaise, soy sauce, pepper, etc to season the wrap. If you want, you can use other ingredients in the wrap as well. For example, you can use chicken, shrimp, spinach, onion, garlic, turkey meat, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, potato etc to add consistency to the dish.


4. Preparing and Cooking

Wrap the ingredients of the wrap with the bacon. You can precook the ingredients to ensure that they are cooked through or you can wrap the filling and then grill or pan fry the wrap.



Apart from Mandarin oranges, you can also choose the following orange varieties for this dish-

  • Colored Varieties - Blood oranges are a hot favorite. They have a dark, reddish flesh with sweet citrusy flavor that combines very well with meat, fish and salads.
  • Bitter Varieties - Bergamot is bitter in flavor but it is incredibly fragrant. We suggest you use the rind of this fruit to flavor your bacon orange wraps. Seville’s are particularly bitter in taste but they are very popular for cooking.
  • Mandarin Varieties – Honey, Satsuma and Ortanique oranges are also great for cooking as they have a sweet flavor and good fragrance.


Wrapping orange segments with bacon is an easy way to prepare a simple appetizer. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and a range of other nutrients. However, we do suggest that you eat the bacon and oranges in moderation. They might be delicious but too much is bad for you.


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Tips To Wrap Orange In Bacon