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Tips To Wrap Mozzarella In Bacon

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Cheese and bacon are great in sandwiches. However, cheese with bacon wrapped around it as an appetizer is an easier way to consume both! Bacon wrapped mozzarella is a very popular pub favorite simply because it provides an instant hit of savory-salty-cheesy goodness in just one bite. Its very easy to make at home as well and we’ve listed our top tips on how to wrap bacon strips around a cube of mozzarella to make this luscious treat




Preparing Bacon Mozzarella Cubes


1. Choosing Mozzarella

THere are many varieties of mozzarella that you can choose from and the taste of each variety is different. Mozzarella is a high moisture cheese which melts quickly when heated. You will be able to find several different varieties at your local supermarket. Fresh mozzarella cheese may be made from cow milk or buffalo milk and it is very soft. It may also be brined in salt water or smoked to create a preserved version which has a higher salt content. You can choose any variety but fresh mozzarella would be better but it can be a little crumbly and difficult to use. If you want an easier to use version, supermarkets do store readymade balls of mozzarella that are seasoned with herbs, oils and spices. These are referred to as boconccini and you can wrap them with bacon. Mozzrella rolls are also available ready-stuffed with a filling of sun dried tomatoes, prosciutto, parma ham and herbs. These can be chilled and wrapped with bacon for serving. Fresh mozzarella is available wrapped around a center of butter and it is referred to as Manteca. Any variety can be used and we suggest you check with the deli counter of the your local supermarket to find a good version.


2. Choosing Bacon

For this dish, we need bacon that will retain its shape and hold in mozzarella which melts quickly during cooking. As a result, we suggest low-fat bacon varieties like Canadian bacon or turkey bacon which will provide shape and texture to the wrap.


3. Preparing and Serving

Partially cook the bacon beforehand and then wrap it around the mozzarella. You can serve the roll with sliced fresh tomatoes, basil leaves and flavored olive oil.



  • You can use additional ingredients to support the roll and cut the rich taste of the roll. For example, a slice of bread between the mozzarella and the bacon would be ideal to provide support to the roll and absorb the melting mozzarella. It also goes crisp during the cooking process resulting in a contrast in textures and tastes.


Cheese and bacon is an absolutely beautiful combination and any variety of ingredients may be added to the cheese to provide contrasts in taste and texture. If you have a particular combination you like, do get in touch with us right here.


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Tips To Wrap Mozzarella In Bacon