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Tips To Steam Clam

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Clams for steamingThere are many ways of consuming clams – these can be eaten raw or you can prepare clam diggers. But the  simplest of them all  is to just steam them. Steaming clams is considered to be an old fashioned way of having it, but those who feel squeamish about eating alive animals or those who feel clumsy, trying to pry open clam shells, consider the technique to be the best. It is believed to be healthier too as it retains the nutrients while getting rid of impurities that are bound to be present in the raw shellfish. Check out some of our quick tips before you move ahead to steam them.


Easy tips:


Check the clams:


  • Once you have the clams you need to place them in a dry and clean towel. Shuffle these loosely and discard anything that looks a little bit open and abnormal. You need to be very careful with this step, or else the strong stench of the clams will overpower your dish. You can use metallic brushes too to remove all dirt and grit from the clam before you put in the steamer basket.


Soak in brine solution:


  • Clams need a little bit more of effort when preparing. You need to prepare a brine solution and soak the clams in it for around 15 minutes. This will remove all the grit from the inside or the outside. In case you do not get brine solution or do not have time to prepare it, you can use fresh water also.


Watch video to know how to prepare clams for cooking:

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Use aromatic herbs:


  • Parsley, thyme and lemon juice will surely add a special aroma to steamed clams. Add these in the water which will infuse a flavor in the clams. You can also add a few threads of saffron, some onion slices and sliced chili also.


Measuring the water:Steamed clams in the steamer basket


  • A very important part of preparing clams is the measuring of water. For every pound of clam, you will need half cup of water. You will have to layer the clams in the cooking vessel with brine. If your water measurement goes wrong, the clams are not going to cook consistently.


How to know if clams are cooked?


  • You have to give the clams enough time so that they can open their shells. This will be evident when you will notice a burst of steam and some popped open shells. This usually takes 5-10 minutes at 160-180 degree Farenheit, which is normally dependant on the type of clams you have. If the clams do not open during the time, you will have to discard them which strongly indicate that the clams were already dead when you bought them.

Steamed clams just before serving

Steamed clams taste delicious when served with melted butter. You can additionally serve them with fresh bread. So, just prepare steamed clams and don't forget to share your experience with us.


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Tips To Steam Clam