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Tips To Wrap Tuna In Bacon

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Tuna is a great fish and it can be prepared in a variety of ways. However, amateur cooks tend to overcook the fish resulting in a dry fillet that requires a range of sauces to pep it up. Wrapping the tuna with bacon is an excellent way of cooking the fish quickly, retaining moisture inside the fish and adding a smoky flavor to the fish. If you want to want to prepare an excellent version of bacon wrapped tuna, we’ve listed a few tips that you should remember.


Wondering how to wrap bacon around tuna?


1. Selecting the Tuna

Fresh tuna is generally available from late spring to early fall but you will now be able to get frozen tuna fillets from supermarkets all through the year. Generally, tuna flesh ranges in color from light pink to dark brown. The dark brown meat will have a stronger flavor and some people don’t like the taste.  We suggest you pick fresh tuna for making the roll. The fishmonger will usually trim away the skin and the remove the dark meat which usually has a stronger flavor as compared to the white meat. If you cannot find fresh tuna, you can use canned tuna. Choose cans which are filled with tuna chunks and which are preserved in oil. Oil packed tuna is moister and softer as compared to the brine preserved tuna. Canned tuna is already cooked and it will have to be combined with stabilizing ingredients like cooked potatoes or vegetables to provide form and structure. This shaped mixture is then cooked and wrapped with bacon.


2. Other Ingredients

You can season the tuna with a range of ingredients like salt, pepper, spies and herbs. Some chefs prefer to use sauces to marinate the fish and then wrap the bacon around it. Any variety of bacon may be used to wrap the fish. We suggest you use high fat streaky bacon which provides the best flavor and moistness to the fish.


3. Preparing and Serving the Bacon Wrapped Tuna

Wrap the bacon around the fish, season it and grill the wrap. You can also roast, pan fry or sauté the wrapped fish. Tuna cooks very quickly and it only takes 10 - 15 minutes for the bacon and fish to complete cooking in a preheated oven. Serve the bacon wrapped fish with a fresh salad or a light summery sauce



  • If you are planning to serve the fish as a main course, you can keep about ½ a pound of fish per person. If you are planning to use the bacon wrapped fish as an appetizer, you can purchase an entire fillet from the fishmonger and then slice it into cubes for wrapping.


Almost everyone likes tuna as the meat almost resembles chicken in taste and texture. This dish is also ideal for people on a low-carb and gluten-free diet. Have you prepared this dish? If yes, then do write in to us with your variation on the dish.


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Tips To Wrap Tuna In Bacon